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Dr Maria Papavergos (@thelifestyledentist) is a general dentist and wellbeing expert based in South West Scotland, with an interest in oral health education. As a passionate advocate of healthy living, her mission is to shine a light on the importance of the oral microbiome and its role in full body health.
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Probiotics and their impact on oral health

Probiotics are emerging as a promising concept when it comes to maintaining oral health, Maria Papavergos explains. With a growing appetite from the general public to adopt simple strategies to nurture their health, probiotics for oral care deserve a place in our professional toolkit. A better balance Probiotic bacteria are defined as viable microorganisms, which, when … Continued

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Dietary fads and their impact on dental health

With new dietary fads hitting the headlines on a monthly basis, Maria Paparvergos looks into the impact these may have on patient’s oral health. Bombarded with buzzwords from ‘plant-based diet’ and ‘veganism’ to ‘gluten free’ and ‘healthy eating’, it’s no wonder we are a little overwhelmed and confused about making the right dietary choices for … Continued

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