Clyde Munro and Philips celebrate an exclusive partnership to elevate dental care in Scotland.

An exclusive partnership between Scotland’s largest dental group and a major oral health brand sets out to elevate dental care throughout the country.

Clyde Munro is Scotland’s largest network of family dental clinics, recently hitting the milestone of 50 practices.

The organisation has just announced that it has joined forces with Philips. Philips is one of the world’s leading and most recognisable brands in the dental industry. The move will promote excellence in patient oral health care throughout every one of its practices. This raises the bar when it comes to the products and services Clyde Munro can offer.

Patient experience

Clyde Munro is making huge strides towards improving dental accessibility. It has expanded its numbers to achieve a patient base that is now an impressive 400,000-strong.

With this exclusive partnership, the dynamic collaboration – that sees Philips supporting Clyde Munro’s 200 dentists, 400 staff and its patients – will enhance the overall patient experience. It will provide invaluable learning opportunities for dentists and their teams.

As well as high quality NHS care, the Scottish network of family dental clinics also offers affordable private and aesthetic treatments.

The partnership with Philips will elevate the services and the products available to patients. This includes high quality teeth whitening treatments. There is also access to Philips’ premium Sonicare electric toothbrush range.

Practices can also implement the Philips‘ Terracycle Recycling Programme, an exciting initiative designed to add to each practice’s sustainability profile.

Practice values

Despite its continued growth throughout Scotland, Jim Hall, co-founder of Clyde Munro, is keen to ensure all the group’s practices value their communities. He wants to maintain a personal touch, to ensure that each one is considered a ‘local dentist’.

Whilst the organisation’s chief operating officer Fiona Wood commented: ‘We currently treat around 7% of the nation’s population as we continue to operate an expanding network of family dentists.

‘We hope this partnership with Philips will provide the best care and treatments for our patients. We also want to educate patients. Particularly those with children, about the benefits of electric toothbrushing and the importance of good oral hygiene.’


Education is a key facet of this unique relationship, which extends to dentists and their teams, too. Staff will be introduced to new treatments and products. For example, Philips’ Zoom whitening gel and Sonicare power toothbrushes. Professional educators from Philips will fully assist in their understanding and implementation via a series of lunch-and-learns.

Mel Pomphrett, professional relations manager for Philips said: ‘We are delighted to support Clyde Munro in this partnership – a move that will enable their dentists and dental teams to offer a wider range of sophisticated, technologically advanced and patient-centric solutions for all their oral and aesthetic treatment needs.

‘As a result of our collaboration, Clyde Munro’s dental professionals as well as patients will benefit from effective, comfortable Zoom whitening results and Sonicare’s renowned plaque removal as part of their periodontal regimes.’

Fiona Wood added: ‘From 2015, we have consistently delivered on providing top quality oral healthcare to communities throughout the country. This is largely, in part, down to the community spirit evoked from each of our practices.

‘We have the desire to work with the best in innovation and advances in our sector. In many ways, we see Philips as a pioneer in this field. A partnership with the brand will be hugely significant.’

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