Ann Wardrop tells the story of her practice sale and how Strictly Confidental helped.

Ann Wardrop was looking to sell her four-surgery practice within the heart of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She wanted a young enthusiastic associate to take good care of her patients and her staff. After speaking with her lawyer, he recommended Strictly Confidental. He said their knowledge, discretion, and client service impressed him.

Ann said: ‘They did a very good job for me. I was very happy with their efforts, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis.’

The process started last March a few weeks before lockdown. The process picked up speed in October and finally went through on 31 March 2021.

She added: ‘They were very consistent in keeping us informed on the latest developments through the sale process. I was very happy about this. One of the lawyers caught COVID-19. We were kept fully informed about this.

‘Strictly Confidental were knowledgeable, local and experienced in the process: a great source of information and comfort through the one-year process. I would definitely recommend/refer Strictly Confidental to other colleagues.

About Strictly Confidental

Strictly Confidental has over 18 years’ experience in the Scottish dental market, offering support for dental practice sales, valuations, purchases, and recruitment. The agent provides a valuable and discreet service to our clients because we understand the importance of confidentiality.

The agents only operate in Scotland, and have an extensive knowledge of practices across the country. The firm keeps up-to-date with the market place. Strictly Confidental understands its clients’ concerns when selling and assists to match with the right fit when it comes to a buyer.

  1. Dentistry specialists: having an in-depth knowledge of dentistry is massively important, to understand how your practice operates, how best to value it
  2. Valuation skills: Strictly Confidental has the knowledge to accurately value your dental equipment, fixtures and fittings, goodwill and stock, ensuring you have a full and detailed assessment. When property is involved, Strictly Confidental works closely with respected surveyors
  3. Experience: Strictly Confidental can help anticipate the bumps in the road, reassuring clients that things are progressing well and ensuring they are getting the best deal
  4. Confidentiality: clients don’t want their information out there for all to see. They want to keep it confidential, protecting their staff, patients, and goodwill
  5. A wider support network: Strictly Confidental offers assistance from business advisers, funding providers, accountants, solicitors, HR support…even help with recruitment or recommendations for new dental equipment and practice refurbishment in the future.

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