Morven McCauley talks to us about the Dentistry Scotland Awards and why you should enter.

Fact file

  • Name: Morven McCauley
  • Practice: Dentistry on the Clyde
  • Location: Gourock
  • Award won: Best Treatment of Nervous Patients.

dentistry scotland awards

How does it feel to have won a Dentistry Scotland awards award?

With 2020 being the year it was, winning the award for ‘Best Treatment of Nervous Patients’ has given the team a great boost of positivity.

It has given us the drive to keep the hard work going knowing that it has been acknowledged. The full team and our patients are absolutely delighted with the news.

How did it feel when your name was announced?

Total surprise! I let out a massive ‘whoop’ in shock, waking our wee toddler from his sleep!

Unfortunately, with the team not being together this year, it was not quite the same reaction. But hoping we can make up for it in future years.

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

The awards are a fantastic marketing tool for the practice and provide reassurance for our existing patients that we are keeping on top of our game.

They are just as delighted as we are. Not only that, it is a great tool for the team, it improves team morale and a great bonding night out, when it is possible.

Have you entered before?

Yes, we have entered over the last four years.

The efforts to put in an entry is definitely worth it. Even if you don’t come away with an award, It always has the benefit of team building and an amazing social occasion.

What do you think the Dentistry Scotland Awards are doing to standards within the profession?

Awards are a great incentive for the practice, clinicians, labs and so on. To apply extra effort and ensure they are providing the highest of standards.

With Dentistry on the Clyde already having won awards, we still want to strive to do better, improve and achieve possibly winning in a different category next year. The awards are encouraging us to raise the bar.

How are you coping with lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis?

The COVID-19 crisis has definitely brought the team closer together; not only in work to provide and support for leave/childcare and so on, but also socially.

We have had a great laugh with some Zoom quizzes, meetings and a Tiktok challenge.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of entering the awards?

You have nothing to lose, a lot to gain.

Will you be entering the awards again this year?

Absolutely. There are some categories that we have yet to win an award.

We have set goals to improve in these areas. The strive to do better can not only improve our service to our patients, but also strengthens our entry in a hope to grasp the trophy.

For more information on the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2021, visit, email or call 01923 851779.