charity willsThorntons is launching its Charity Wills Month, the perfect opportunity to draw up a Will or update an existing one and donate money to charity.

It’s so important to have a Will or keep your existing one up to date.

So as an extra incentive, if you make or amend your Will with Thorntons during November, they won’t charge their usual fee; but instead, will ask you to donate the equivalent fee to Cash for Kids as part of Thorntons Charity Wills initiative.

That way, you’ll not only look after your own future, but help the futures of many disadvantaged children in your area.

Last year Thorntons’ generous clients donated £75,000 to Cash for Kids during Charity Wills month.

Drawing up a Will

Michael Royden of Thorntons dental team reinforced the importance of having a Will: ‘Everyone, young and not so young, should have a Will in place.

‘This is even more important if you own a property or business (such as owning your practice). It also ensures that your children or other dependents will benefit from your estate as you might wish.

‘You might assume that you don’t need a Will. That your affairs are simple and that your spouse or partner will inherit everything.

‘Unfortunately this is a common misconception and in many cases it isn’t what actually happens.

‘If you cohabit but aren’t married, your partner will also have no automatic rights when you pass away. They will need to make a formal claim through the court if they wish to inherit anything.’

In addition, if you have children, a Will can set out who is your children’s guardian(s) if you unexpectedly pass away before they reach they age of 16.

When you have a Will in place, you make your wishes clear. Dealing with your affairs is made much easier and is less expensive for your family.

The suggested donation is £200 for a single Will and £250 for a couple making Wills together.

Your donation will go to the Cash for Kids fund closest to where you live.

There are limited appointments available – we advise you to book early so you don’t miss out.

For further information and to arrange a virtual appointment visit