dentistry reopeningThe MDDUS is welcoming the decision to restart the full range of NHS dental treatments in Scotland.

Earlier this week the Scottish government announced plans to resume NHS dentistry in full from 1 November.

Despite welcoming the decision, the MDDUS is warning members to be mindful of COVID levels in their area. It reminds practices to review their practice standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain standards of infection control.

‘Before returning to the full range of treatments, I urge our members to make sure that they have reviewed the level of indemnity in place following the long period of lockdown and reduced service,’ Stephen Henderson, head of dental division at MDDUS, said.

‘It’s important to take care to make any adjustments required. And reflect an increase in the number of sessions a week you will work from 1 November.’

Dentistry reopening

MDDUS is encouraging practices to follow the NHS SOP issued by Tom Ferris, Scotland chief dental officer.

This is the final part of a phased reopening of dental practices across Scotland, announced earlier this year.

Despite reopening, dental practices would still need to limit the number of patients they see, the Public Health Minister highlighted.

‘We stand ready to continue working constructively with the sector to help facilitate this remobilisation,’ Mr FitzPatrick said about the reopening on Monday.

‘I would like to thank the sector for their efforts in providing safe care to patients. I’m sure they stand ready to continue to provide the best care as we navigate the coming months together.’