nhs dentistry to resume in ScotlandThe Scottish government announced it plans to resume NHS dentistry in full from the 1 November.

Previously only some NHS services were available after the government stopped full treatments following the COVID-19 pandemic.

But yesterday in Holyrood, Public Health Minister, Joe FitzPatrick announced he is pleased practitioners can provide a full range of treatments to all NHS patients.

‘This pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for dentistry,’ Mr FitzPatrick said. ‘I extend my sincerest thanks to the sector for their patience and resilience throughout the period.

‘The government commits to ensuring that the needs of patients to be seen for NHS dental treatment can be met in a way that supports efforts in practice to maintain the high standards of health and safety needed to minimise the threat from COVID-19.

‘We’re carrying out work at pace to improve our understanding and risk management of COVID-19 in dental settings. This allows further progress with the NHS dental remobilisation.

‘I am pleased practitioners, from the 1 November are able to provide a full range of treatments to all NHS patients within dental practices.’

Lack of information

This is the final part of a phased reopening of dental practices across Scotland, announced earlier this year.

Despite reopening, dental practices would still need to limit the number of patients they see, the Public Health Minister highlighted.

However, with the full range of treatments available to clinicians, patients can access a wider range of NHS care.

‘We stand ready to continue working constructively with the sector to help facilitate this remobilisation,’ Mr FitzPatrick concludes.

‘I would like to thank the sector for their efforts in providing safe care to patients. ‘I’m sure they stand ready to continue to provide the best care as we navigate the coming months together.’