Oral-B IO toothbrushAmber Ojak gives her honest assessment of the Oral-B IO, Oral-B’s latest generation of its electric toothbrush range.

In the last few weeks, Oral-B has kindly let many dental professionals get their hands on the new Oral-B IO toothbrush ahead of its public release. As a dental therapist who believes in the power of an electric toothbrush, I was very excited at the prospect of getting to try this new model out. I was so impressed with this toothbrush I thought I would share my experience, and why I will  recommend the Oral-B IO to all of my patients.


One word – phenomenal! The new toothbrush exceeds every expectation I had. A two-minute clean leaves your mouth feeling like you have just had an actual hygiene appointment.

This advance in technology really demonstrates the power of an electric toothbrush. I have never had a toothbrush that leaves my mouth feeling as clean as this one does. I really believe that if our patients are able to replicate the great feeling they have after a hygiene appointment, then they will believe in this brush as much as I do.

The new Oral-B IO is equipped with new, advantageous features, such as a smart pressure sensor. This now tells you when correct pressure is applied. As well as when too much pressure is used, by turning green or red. This feature on its own is revolutionary. It can teach patients how much pressure they need to apply when brushing.

In addition to the smart sensor, the interactive screen and ability to change the light colour on the brush gives it a very personal feel, along with the multiple brushing modes. One of the biggest differences I find is the reduced noise level and vibrations. This has to be one of the quietest electric toothbrushes I have ever used. I think patients, especially elderly patients who say it’s the noise and vibration that puts them off using an electric brush, will appreciate this.

Changing patient habits

In terms of maintaining oral hygiene at home, I believe the bluetooth connection to the new app will increase the level of care patients take with their oral hygiene. The app lets you track in detail where you are brushing and gives a very interactive educational experience. The app also calculates a percentage of how much of the oral cavity you have covered. I believe this will change how patients think when they do brush. Patients can learn about the areas they need to focus on.

This then reiterates what we teach patients during our appointments. Again encouraging them to maintain this at home.

Oral-B IO recommendation

Overall, I think this toothbrush is the future in helping to encourage patients to increase their oral hygiene at home. The gentle yet effective mechanism will have them feeling like they’ve just had a dental hygiene appointment. We all know this feeling helps patients feel confident and positive about their smile.

I cannot wait to recommend the Oral-B IO to all of my patients and friends!